Why It Helps to Work with the Same Realtor When Buying & Selling

Why It Helps to Work with the Same Realtor When Buying & Selling

  • Greg Clemens
  • 12/17/22

“Buy one, get one” is a famous slogan in retail that applies to real estate. Hiring one agent to handle both the sale of your current home and the purchase of your next home yields numerous advantages. A Henderson realtor is equipped with the tools you need to both list and acquire your next home without the hassle of dealing with multiple agents.

Henderson, a city 16 miles from Las Vegas, continues to grow for reasons beyond the glitz. With more people looking for Henderson homes for sale, Clark County is predicted to reach a population size of 3.02 million by 2035 and eventually 3.38 million.  "The City Of Destiny," a nickname coined by John F. Kennedy, is quickly becoming a hotspot for tech headquarters; CEOs are relocating for lower state taxes, and their employees enjoy lower housing rates in the suburbs.

Diving into this seller's market may require buying and selling real estate at the same time. Finding a realtor you trust is the first step to buying and selling a home. You want someone versatile enough to perform as a listing agent (to help you sell your home) and a selling agent (to help purchase a home that fits your criteria).

Here is why using the same realtors when buying and selling is the best move.

Streamlined service

Selling and seeking Henderson homes for sale requires two sets of skills. It can be hard to discern where a seller's agent's duties end and a buying agent's duties begin. There's a lot of crossover in the responsibilities. Both kinds of agents schedule tours, assist with closing paperwork, schedule showings, and advise with financial details. Working with one agent cuts through the confusion, and Henderson Realtors have the know-how to execute both processes simultaneously.

Better communication

Most agents work with other firms and agents to complete a transaction. Still, this strategy is more tedious and prolongs negotiations because offers must pass through multiple parties before action is taken. Instead, it's best to work with one agent to avoid this game of telephone. There is also less room for errors, scheduling conflicts, and miscommunication when an agent handles both of your needs.

It saves time

Arranging meetings and showings with just two people, your agent and buyer or agent and seller, is more favorable than managing four personalities and twice as many appointments. Using the same realtor for both transactions means one realtor and one office, which translates to less time spent at your realtor's firm.

It helps with timing

Homes have been selling fast, so you'll want to jump on your search quickly and ready your property for listing. With simultaneous buying and selling comes a fair amount of juggling tasks. Prepping a home for showings involves tasks ranging from painting and general repairs to major upgrades and remodeling. Using the same realtor brings balance to your renovations and lets you search for new houses simultaneously. An informed agent will ensure you're not purchasing a new place while still repairing one to sell, saving you from wasted time.

Better planning

Unfortunately, some delays are beyond your control when moving into your new home. When you use one realtor for buying and selling, you are better warned of potential delays on both sides of the process. Maybe last-minute inspections require repairs on the new place, or perhaps your buyer is held up for financial or personal reasons. With your agent handling both deals, they can formulate a plan of action for the time between move-ins and execute it, so you aren't without a home or paying an additional month's mortgage.

More efficient processing

The official closing process for sales typically takes up to 35 days. This closing period involves a lot of paperwork, such as the closing statements and seller net sheet. However, you can file, process, and transfer deeds, mortgages, and purchase agreements much more quickly with the same realtor. Using the same agent means you'll only have one contractual agreement with one entrusted person to handle and explain the steps along the way.

Less interviewing

A lot of initial effort goes into choosing a realtor, so searching for one rather than two cuts your vetting time in half. Once you narrow down a list of licensed realtors, you should obtain a comparative market analysis, commission rates, the time they will commit to you, and previous buying and selling records. This information gathering is a lot of preliminary work, but opting for the same Henderson realtor for buying and selling saves you time and space on your calendar.

You get more with rapport

With separate realtors for listing and purchasing comes more variables in an already involved process. You are subjected to multiple work cultures, ethics, and schedules. For a better experience when looking for Henderson homes for sale, secure professionalism, compatibility, and consistency by working with one realtor.

They work harder

A good relationship between client and realtor means a better overall experience. Working with only one agent makes you feel more confident in negotiations and deals rather than spreading your criteria and trust to multiple people.

When you trust the same agent to handle your selling and buying needs, the exclusive working bond between client and agent is more substantial, and you benefit more. Even though a realtor's code requires them to put the client's needs first, there's an added incentive to work harder when handling two transactions simultaneously because of commission.


You can trust that a singular agent representing your sale and purchase will get you the best deal and offer because of the commission and the relationship you build. Realtors managing multiple listings better understand your situation and needs, making them more equipped to negotiate better deals and offers for you and, hopefully, handle your repeat business in the future.

Using the same Henderson realtor as your one-stop shop is a helpful strategy for buying and selling real estate. Using one realtor is the best way to simplify the process in this hot seller's market and increasingly growing community.

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