How to Stage Your Irvine Home For Sale

How to Stage Your Irvine Home For Sale

  • Greg Clemens
  • 12/18/22

As you prepare to sell your home, one of the smartest strategies to ensure a quick offer and a high sale price is to stage your home prior to listing. Staged homes are more likely to spend less time on the market. What’s more, 23% of real estate agents agree home staging can yield offers above the asking price. As such, many homeowners and real estate agents consider staging well worth the cost.
Staging costs are usually determined by factors including your home’s specific location, size, and the extent of staging. However, the median price when using a home staging service suggests most homeowners can expect to pay $1,500.
For those interested in listing Irvine real estate for sale, below is an introductory guide to home staging.

Staging explained

Home staging and decorating are two very different things. Home staging is intended to create a clean, neutral look, whereas decorating illustrates personal style.
Staging is used to attract a large pool of buyers, so it’s important to use aesthetics that aren’t too specific to a particular style. The goal of good staging is to allow prospective buyers to envision themselves living in the home while showing off the property’s best features and hiding its flaws. Staging can also help create a mood in the space and is meant to curate a trendy yet neutral environment for potential buyers to view both in person and online in photos.

Where to start

Once you decide staging is the next step in the process of listing your Irvine home for sale, speak with an experienced real estate agent to get started. Your real estate agent should be skilled and knowledgeable about staging—or be able to offer a referral for the right company or person for the job.
Professional stagers have a wealth of experience working with a range of clients and home styles, and will be the best resource if you’re working on a fixed timeline, or don’t feel confident staging the home yourself. For those who prefer DIY projects, home staging is a great avenue to explore. While your realtor can guide you through the process, you may also want to research ideas for staging to find what works best for your home and the goals you want to achieve.

Deep cleaning

The first step in staging begins with a thorough deep clean of your home’s interior. A clean home shows potential buyers your property is not only beautiful but well taken care of. It’s best to clean every part of your home, from top to bottom, to create a clean canvas prepped for staging. When deep cleaning, details are important—especially to prospective buyers—so hiring a professional cleaner is well worth the money.

Address quick fixes

Rather than opting for a full staging, many homeowners rely on quick and easy ways to instantly improve their home’s interior. A fresh coat of paint on walls and baseboards provides an instant facelift and prepares your home, should you choose minimal staging.
Simple solutions also include swapping your kitchen backsplash or simply upgrading the hardware of cabinetry throughout your home. Integrating these simple tips is a great way to save time and money when staging your home. Taking care of quick fixes will also make the job of home staging easier. By eliminating minor flaws throughout the home, buyers will be able to focus on the home’s potential based on its staging alone.

Define spaces and rooms in the home

Buyers expect to walk into a home and see each room with a single purpose. When staging, make sure that each room—be it an office, dining room, or bedroom—has a clear purpose. As people spend more time at home, buyers want to see a home with an abundance of room for multi-purpose spaces. For instance, if you have a bonus room upstairs, consider staging it as an office. Likewise, if your home has a room dedicated to crafting or hobbies, transform it into a guest bedroom or nursery ahead of listing. Potential buyers may not need a craft room upon moving in, but a guest bedroom is immediately functional for buyers—and staging can still suggest the room’s alternative uses.

Don’t underestimate the power of curb appeal

Like most things in life, first impressions are important. Consider how significant a buyer's first impression of your home is as you look for ways to improve the exterior of your property. A buyer’s assessment of your home begins the moment they pull into the driveway. Simple solutions to spruce up your home’s curb appeal involve things like repainting the front door or trimming overgrown hedges.
Adding some color is also a great way to add instant appeal. Consider planting a few flowers throughout the exterior, or use potted plants at the front entrance to create a welcoming allure. Just as important is making sure you pressure wash your driveway and garage door to get rid of any accumulated dirt and buildup.

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