Sell Your Home More Easily with Professional Staging

Sell Your Home More Easily with Professional Staging

  • Greg Clemens
  • 01/30/23

Staging your home is one of the most important steps to take as you’re getting it ready to sell. Effective home staging will emphasize the unique layout and functionality of your home in a way that garners positive attention from buyers. It will also help your home shine in the professional pictures that will appear on your home’s online listing. If you’re thinking about how to best go about staging your home to sell, one option is to hire a professional stager to lead the process. Summarized below are some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy if you choose a stager.

Better curb appeal

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Most people assume that effective home staging only involves working on the interior. Professional home stagers also have knowledge about how to improve the exterior appearance of your home to aid in a faster sales time. They will start by making suggestions about how to improve your landscaping. This could mean adding flowers or shrubs to the front of your home to make it more visually appealing. They will also point out obvious defects such as overgrown plants that negatively impact the appearance of your Las Vegas area home for sale. A professional home stager will remind you of the importance of cleaning your home’s exterior so that it appears well-maintained and cared for. They may also suggest that you can boost your curb appeal by adding additional lighting or a fresh coat of paint.

Increased flow and functionality

A professional home stager will help you choose the best possible arrangement for the furniture in each room in your home. This will make each room feel more open and inviting, while also improving the traffic flow so that buyers can easily move throughout your home. This matters a great deal if you’re planning to have an open house with a large number of people at one time. Better furniture arrangement will also allow buyers to easily imagine how they would arrange their own furniture in the room. They may have additional ideas about how you can portray certain rooms to help buyers see how they might use the space differently. Maybe your home stager tells you that you should set up your formal living room as a home office instead of a second gathering space. Professional home stagers can share these types of tips and insights in addition to speaking into the specific lighting and color scheme that you use in each room. Before they are done, they will suggest any accessories (such as artwork and area rugs) that they think you should include into the decoration in each room.

Higher perceived property value

A professional home stager will work hard to make sure your home staging highlights the best features inside your home. Their goal is to make your property look like it’s worth more than what the price would reflect. This is not an attempt to be deceptive or dishonest, but it can show how your home will overdeliver on any expectations that potential buyers may develop about how the home could improve their quality of life. Stagers will create a sense of luxury in your home using various visually-appealing features and decorations. They want buyers to get the sense that your home is in pristine condition, because they know that this will make your property appear more valuable in the buyers’ eyes.

Faster sale time

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Chances are high that buyers will be more impressed by a well-staged home, which can lead to a quicker and more lucrative offer. Sellers tend to receive more competitive offers shortly after their home goes on the market. Buyers know that they don’t have much negotiating room to suggest a lower sales price when a home has only been on the market for a few days. By professionally staging your home, you can create a greater demand for your property that leads to faster offers when your home hits the public market. The best-case scenario involves you choosing from multiple offers above asking price, and professional home staging can bring you closer to making this dream a reality.

Better pictures

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Professional home stagers understand the role of high-quality photographs in selling homes quickly, and they will position and design each room in your home with this concept in mind. They will start by addressing any spots on your walls or floors that need repair or touching up before your photography session. They will make sure that you have multiple layers of light inside each room so that all the pictures appear bright and appealing. They will think about the best angle for each photograph that can fully capture the essence of each room, and they may even advise your photographer on the best position for taking pictures. They will organize the furniture in a way that makes your rooms appear larger and more inviting inside pictures. Perhaps most importantly, your professional home stager will think about how the photos of your home could lead to an instant emotional connection with buyers that leaves them no choice but to schedule a time to come and see the home in person.

If you’re looking for Las Vegas area homes for sale, or you need to sell your home, Greg Clemens knows the market. He has a keen awareness of what buyers are looking for, and he can speak into the staging process in a way that helps you determine how to best position your home to capture attention. Reach out to Greg and his team when you’re ready to begin the real estate transaction process.

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